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Welcome!Ready to change your life ??

What exactly do you do and how can you help me?

Hi, Rick Downs Here:

Welcome to my Blog. People ask me what do I do and how can I help them? On this site I will regularly post information that is unique and helpful for anyone who wishes to build an online presence and audience for their home business. Along with health tips, I will show you how you can capitalize on any area of strength and interest you have in your life to contribute to people and at the same time build financial independence.

You can do that by promoting products you have, books or articles you write or a network marketing business that you have not gotten off the ground or is building too slowly. If you do not have a product or services to sell, I can help you get products to sell with 100% profit if you want.

Imagine having a product or service in which you do not have to chase down people to convince them of the value of your product but instead people come to you requesting your services or products.

I can help you do that. Even better, what if you not only have people coming to you requesting you product or services but the system I give you will actually pay you for the leads you get.

If you want to know how you generate three sources or more of income streams from a single elegant system, stay with me and I will explain.

So, I will repeat again. What is the most common questions that people have for me?

What exactly do you do and how can you help me?
And why do you do online marketing for wealth creation, as-well-as, promote health instead of just focusing on ONE thing?

I believe in doing the same thing I will be teaching you. I have a business that sells health products and I have an online system that self duplicates, brings in income and at the SAME TIME builds my long term home based business as well.

This is how I will help you too.

I personally help people attract online leads for their home businesses.

Regardless of what business you have, be it a network marketing business, a specialized news feed or “how to” business, a service, a book company, food menu site, a wine blog or are even thinking about starting your own home business, I’m here to make sure that customers FIND, FOLLOW and CONTACT YOU online.

If you want help, fill-in the form at the bottom of this page and include your phone number. I will personally call you!

You can also read my story.

I am a successful entrepreneur. I have also been a struggling entrepreneur. Let me explain. I am a dentist who has a very successful dental practice. Most people would call me very successful. Few people understand the amount of work involved with this profession and the daily stress it causes. Many dentists suffer from the requirements of very technical and demanding procedures, stressed patients and are not equipped to managing staff and businesses. Many must work into late life to save a minimal amount of money to feel as though they can retire. There is no such thing as a pension and a company medical plan to rely on. Retirement never seems quite attainable. And while I am very thankful for a job that really cannot fire me, there also seems to be no options for changing careers. Too many people are relying on you for their security.

I have also been successful in starting a dental products company a few years ago called Dentist Select which sells a mouth rinse called Oracare. It is growing well and requires a great deal of my attention. I love this company because I see a product I helped develop that is improving the lives of many people. I also love the science of chemistry and the ideas that I can generate.

I have also been successful in health. I the past two years I have lost over 30 pounds. I exercise every day and at 67 years old I am again training in gymnastics as I did in high school. I am an expert at oral health and as a cancer survivor I can relate to people with life threatening problems. Health and nutrition is a must for any success. Without it, all the financial success is worthless. It is the foundation. This is why I promote both in my online life. You too have something to offer and I am here to help you develop whatever it is. So, what am I struggling with?

I have been in a number of businesses that have failed. I started an internet access company that went bankrupt. I created a telemarketing company for dental offices patient marketing that also went broke. I have also been a member of many network marking companies. I like these network marketing companies. I believe they are a way for those with little money to create great success for themselves. The upside is huge and the downside is very small for those who want to work at it. In one of these companies I worked very hard and had the largest retail customer base in that company. The problem is retail customers in this type of company is not the best way to make money and create security for yourself.

This is what I discovered. The most common problem with all the network marketing companies I worked with was that I was constantly chasing customers and was consistently failing. I was continually “chasing” people who were NOT “qualified”. I did this for decades.

In other words, I was approaching people who were not particularly interested in what I had to offer.

Now, I have “qualified” people (that are interested in what I have to offer) CONTACT ME.

Ask yourself this…

Would 8 to 10 qualified leads (people coming to you) PER DAY help your business?

If the answer is “Yes”, then I can definitely help you out!

Simply fill-in the form at the bottom of this page and I will get back to you immediately!

If you include your phone number. I will personally call you!

This is why you will generally see three types of posts and videos on my Blog.

Online Marketing Strategies on how to build wealth
Health posts
Life posts about things the interest most of us.
Let’s start your Journey!

Please contact me personally by calling me directly, or by filling-in the contact form below.

I will get back to you immediately with some basic questions to see how I can help you out.

If you include your phone number. I will personally call you!

My Cell 563 590 1563

Toll-free and fax (USA): 1-877 722 1538

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Rick Downs

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